Wah Wang Holdings (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., with its own factory located in the Science & Technology Industrial Park in Shenzhen, is well-equipped with sophisticated and advanced automatic machines. We devote our effort in every part of the production process from die bonding, wire bonding, encapsulation and bin sorting to the finishing products. As we monitor every steps of production process, we ensure we meet all criteria required by the ISO9001:2008.

Our factory is currently utilizing the following machinery in our production processes:

ASM High Speed Die Bonder Machines
ASM High Speed Wire Bonder Machines
Japan MUSASHI Full Auto LED Dispenser
Japan THINKY Planetary Centrifugal Vaccum Mixer
Taiwan LED Auto Encap Full Function Machines
Taiwan LED Bin Sorting Machines


Since the establishment of our company, our factory staff has been constantly increasing to meet the growing demand of our supplies. Alone in the research and development team, there are currently 30 engineers; all of our team members are creative, energetic and knowledgeable with passions to develop new technology. Once we established, our research and development team are growing continuously. Over the years, our research and development team has made significant achievements in our field :

In 2004, the Through-Hole Multi-Chip LED Patent was granted
In 2006, the High Power Multi-Chip LED Patent was granted
In 2007, our team has invented a special White LED Lamp and Patent was granted for
this design


Automatic production process

ASM High Speed Die Bonder

Taiwan Top LED Bin Sorting Machine

Quality Control

In ensuring the reliability and quality of our products, our company currently has a team of over 40 staff for quality control.  Our quality control system functions as follow :


- Conducting incoming materials quality control
- Conducting reliability tests on suppliers
- Producing raw materials reports
- Utilizing machines to check materials’ quality
- Establishing inspection standards and procedures



- Providing document management
- Conducting first product inspections
- Conducting random inspections
- Providing staff training




- Conducting finished product inspections
- Conducting mechanical inspections
- Matching finished products with customers’ demands




- Rechecking OQC’s works




- Providing quality management
- Providing staff training
- Managing the entire quality control system